• ISUMADECIP - Research Institute for Sustainability and Disaster Management based on High Performance Computing

  • Training and Education is one of the key activities and expertise of ISUMADECIP.

  • SAVE THE DATE: International Summer School on Disaster Management 2017

  • 12th International Conference Environmental Legislation, Safety Engineering and DIsaster MAnagement ELSEDIMA 2018

ISUMADECIP Research Centers

HPC - High Performance Computing Center

The main research activities of the center are: process performance analysis, data traffic optimization, analysis of cluster administration platform, automatic processor cluster management, task planning and optimization of the computing power of the High Performance Computing system within our Institute.

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MOS - Modeling, Optimization and Simulation Center

The main research activities of the center are: mathematic modeling using various software, modeling of complex applications with implications in disaster management, numerical and statistical simulations, model optimization, predictive studies and prognoses, analysis and development of domain specific language etc.

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International Summer School on Disaster Management: 21-27 August 2017, Arcalia


About Us

  • ISUMADECIP provides the framework for interdisciplinary research, setting the basis for addressing challenges induced by the complex disaster management process.
  • The Institute operates as a research unit dealing with topics like causes and consequences of various types of disasters, short-, medium- and long-term effects on the population, economy and environment and appropriate management strategies.