Disaster Information, Training And Prevention Of Population Lab

Research activities

  • Approach the range of responses at community level during and after a hazard event or disaster
  • Explain how these responses are affected by individual and community perceptions
  • Applying methods and schedules for exercising emergency response plans
  • Community assessment within the social&economic context
  • Community analysis for efficient communication& prevention
  • Education, training and awareness-raising on resilience to disasters 
  • Information management and participation during disasters
  • Sharing disaster information among organizations
  • Elaboration of an integrative curricula for higher education

Services offered

  • Training programs& courses
  • Training within the public education system
  • Training of the general public
  • Disaster protection training of the general public
  • Organizing information campaigns
  • Training of the disaster and accident management authorities
  • Methodologicaland logistic assistance to the stakeholders in disaster training and prevention
  • Scientific research activities