Natural Disasters Risk Reduction Research Lab

Research activities

  • Identification of possibilities to use the scientific tools specific to natural risks research in Romanian educationsystem
  • Development of educational resources and infrastructure for the study and building of awareness on earthquakes and other natural risk phenomena
  • Study of solutions and implementation of best practices in the general educational system
  • Landslide identification and assessment (causes, dynamics, natural and anthropogenic environmental impact)
  • Earthquakes, landslide and flood risk analysis using advanced methods and techniques
  • Study of optimum solutions for landslide and flood risk reduction depending on area particularities
  • Managing and using of databases and methodologies of natural hazard assessment

Services offered

  • Elaborating of educational guides and scientific reports on earthquakes, landslides, floods, erosion etc.
  • Training and teaching activities for stakeholders using scientific research tools and databases
  • Risk analyses and hazard assessment of vulnerable areas (landslides and floods)
  • Mapping the impacts of the natural hazards (landslides, floods, earthquakes)
  • Supporting of decision making process within the administrative, technical and organizational context (natural hazard mitigation plans)
  • Promoting and implementing of best practices in natural hazard management of areas affected by landslides, earthquakes and floods