Disaster Management Technical Devices And Equipment Lab

Research activities

  • Identification and testing the technical devices for disaster-response;
  • Methods of organization and coordination of the important points of response in the affected areas;
  • Methods of investigation of the areas affected by disasters using specific technical equipment;
  • Composing and training a team of support and response to disasters;
  • Improving the standard operating procedures for multi-service response.

Research infrastructure

  • Mobile laboratory for water testing-determination: ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, pH, phosphate, biochemical CBO oxygen consumption in water  (BOD);
  • Equipment for people detection:motion detection up to 10m, breathing up to 6m, wireless 30m;
  • Decontamination kit - equipment for personal decontamination with accessories;
  • Detector buried metals: 28 of simultaneous frequencies, between 1,5 and 100 khz - Full Band Spectrum (FBS).