Scientific Databases Documentation, Processing and Management Lab

Our research aims to create, develop and manage a comprehensive Geographical Information Systems (GIS) database on natural and technological disasters (types, way of occurrence, history, lessons learned). This scientific database will be useful in risk assessment, disaster management research activities but also in modelling natural hazards like landslides and floods

Research activities

  • Development of methods / innovative methodologies for  training sessions (complex educational software about disaster risk reduction adapted for age categories; disaster simulations and scenario development for testing skills on subjects);
  • Implementation of social surveys relating to the level of information and training of specific target groups / vulnerable communities.

Research infrastructure

  • FLIR T420 thermal imaging camera
  • Open source spatial database management systems (PostGIS) Licensed database management software: Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Disaster management software. Disaster management Sahana Eden application - upgraded version by adding software modules developed by iQuest Technologies
  • Computer license for disasters management systems software and GIS, including ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server