Quantitative Risk Assessment (Modeling, Simulation and Databases) Lab

Research activities

  • Development of a systematic risk assessment methodology for economical operators;
  • Identifying and developing a unique inventory for SEVESO operators in Romania;
  • Identifying, assessing and prioritizing risks in the region;
  • Creating a system for monitoring of hazardous materials transportation in order to ensure appropriate and operative interventions in case of accidents;
  • Creating emergency management studies for transborder industrial accidents involving dangerous substances;
  • Development and testing of methods and algorithms to combine spatial data from different data sources (remote sensing, cartographic documents, terrestrial observation systems).

Services offered

  • Risk assessment studies;
  • Safety reports and emergency plans;
  • Chemical accident effects and consequences modeling and simulation;
  • Atmospheric dispersion modeling  and simulation for different pollutants;
  • Soil and groundwater pollution modeling and simulation;
  • Training activities for specialists from authorities responsible for disaster management .