Technological Disasters Management and Mitigation Lab

Research activities

  • Contributions to the development of effective policies for the prevention of major accidents and their practical application;
  • Development of studies for risk reduction by the use of safer available techniques and technological upgrade;
  • Contributions to the development of coherent policies to reduce negative impact on the communities and the environment;
  • Development of safety management systems, leading to a more effective management of accidents; 
  • Development of methods and methodologies for the extraction of useful parameters from the data provided by satellite platforms in applications for hydrology, climatology, surveillance of areas with anthropic impact;
  • Development of bioremediation strategies for brownfield decontamination. 

Services offered 

  • Environmental consulting services;
  • Creating of risk maps;
  • Development of external emergency plans, which provide an effective tool for local public administration authorities for the limitation and removal of industrial accidents effects outside the sites border;
  • Creating of safety reports, Site reports, Environmental documentation.