International Summer School On Disaster Management - 2016

The Research Institute for Sustainability and Disaster Management based on High Performance Computing (ISUMADECIP) within Babes-Bolyai University has organized between 27 August – 2 September 2016, in Arcalia, Bistrita-Nasaud County, the international summer school on Disaster Management – National and Regional Disaster Management Systems.



This summer school was organized in partnership with the National University of Public Services (Nemzeti Kozszolgalati Egyetem) in Hungary, following the cooperation agreement signed between the rectors of the two universities in May 2014.

The event received the special support of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, by delegation of experienced trainers in the field and by the allocation of specific equipment (CBRN vehicle, extrication equipment, boat with divers, specific personal protection equipment, mobile command post, advanced medical post, type C ambulance) from three County Inspectorates for Emergency Situationsin the country: Cluj, Bistrita-Nasaud and Mures.

Beside the equipment provided by the three County Inspectorates for Emergency Situations, the students of the summer school had the opportunity of using the equipment of the Research Institute for Sustainability and Disaster Management based on High Performance Computing (ISUMADECIP) within Babes-Bolyai University: thermal imaging camera for the detection of heated surfaces and search of missing persons in low visibility areas, IR thermal binoculars, metal detector, lighting balloon system, sonometer, device for the detection of people under rubble, respiratory protective equipment, water testing kit, radiation detectors, chemical detectors, inflatable tent- control post, decontamination tent, first aid kit, electric generator, portable weather station.

The objective of this summer school was to train both theoretically and practically the participant students from the two universities in the field of disaster management and strengthen the institutional cooperation between the two universities, as well as between universities and the competent authorities in emergency response.


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